$ 754 million loss for Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment paid for the bankruptcy that it recently started. The third quarter was therefore a real loss for the online casino sg. The expenses have been quite large in the previous months and it is also time for Caesars Entertainment to pay its creditors.

After the euphoria, back to the right path

It should be remembered that the operator has offered a very important renovation . The bill has been very high and now it’s time for Caesars to take responsibility for his actions. It will thus have to reduce its costs and think about its creditors. The third quarter was quite satisfactory for the operator. It also generated sales of $ 1.14 billion. This is an increase of 12.4%.

Likewise profits are up 46% to $ 311 million . However, despite these very encouraging figures, the renovation completely swallowed up the profits. The loss thus amounts to $ 754 million. This is also due to the payment of creditors. This amounted to $ 944 million.

A clear improvement despite everything

But the future looks bright for the operator. Rather, the activities show a positive trend. $ 535 million has been raised by Caesars Interactive Entertainment. Compared to its last figure, an increase of $ 56 million was noted. Likewise, in its hotels the numbers have risen with $ 37 million difference from the previous period for $ 220 million in earnings.

It is also the result of investments made by the group through the renovation of Linq Las Vegas. As we reported, Caesars isn’t planning on stopping there, as the Julius Tower is also on the singapore betting online list. To reduce costs, the operator has decided to reduce prospectuses and other advertising media for the promotion of its activities. Now emails are prioritized, as are other digital systems of the kind.

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