The prison for online casinos in the South Korean market

The government of South Korea has decided to take over the underground online casino business. The sentence is very serious for the operators of online casinos who would dare to offer games in the country. The law has been changed and punishes all online casinos that offer games with life imprisonment. It must be said that recently South Korea has seen the considerable increase in the number of illegal online games.

The dismantling is linked

In recent years, the government of South Korea has been dismantling numerous networks of illegal sites that illegally offer online games. The latest is a network that has been able to earn $ 14 million during the 4 years it has operated clandestinely. To limit this proliferation of illegal online casinos, measures have been taken.

The National Police Agency has been called upon to track down these sites. This time the efforts will be doubled. To roll back these gambling operators, the government has decided to be tough. According to surveys, these online gambling sites are linked to organized crime in the majority of cases. The platforms that will be caught in their net will also be accused for participating in an organized crime and the penalty incurred is not the least, far from it. These sites thus incur life imprisonment.

Very strict regulations for players

It must be said that gambling regulations are very tough in South Korea. This is the case not only for online casinos, but also for land-based casinos. The population is not allowed to go to a land-based casino. Of the 17 casinos that currently exist on the territory, only one is accessible to residents, the rest is intended for foreign tourists.

The only casino open to locals is the Kangwon Land Casino & Hotel . For this establishment it is a golden opportunity, because the Koreans are very big players so that the casino collects a lot of money. To measure the size of its turnover, it is important to know that it has the highest number among all the casinos in South Korea. This shows that even though there are bans and the number of casinos which is limited to one, Koreans are not depriving themselves of gambling.

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