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About Dane County Parent Council, Inc.

Dane County Parent Council (DCPC) is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and serves over 1,000 children in seventeen locations throughout Dane and Green Counties through the following programs:

DCPC programs are recognized as providing exemplary services for children through the age of five and their families. We recruit and maintain the highest qualified and most experienced staff to care for our children and support our families. In addition we recruit diverse staff to be able to provide education and care services in a framework that is respectful of culture, ethnicity, and language.

Teachers and Family Outreach Workers (or Family Advocates in some programs) monitor and develop individualized programming to maximize each child's pro-social development as well as cognitive and physical growth.

Staff work closely with our families to provide their children with activities and materials that help them be more successful in school.

We work closely with our community partners to assist our families in obtaining the best services for themselves and their children.

Finally, every day we act out our mission of providing the highest quality care and education programs, so that our children will be successful when they enter kindergarten and that our families will be supportive advocates in their children's future.

DCPC Mission Statement | DCPC Agency Values